The Keller Williams Southeast Region is made up of three states, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, which development is progressing towards opening 75 Market Centers.

  • Southeast Region is composed of thousands of professional associates.
  • Southeast Region has continued to produce millions of dollars of profit share.
  • The Southeast Region has been the Top Performing Region in Keller Williams year after year starting in 2001.

There are many opportunities for associates, professional growth and wealth building with the Southeast Region of Keller Williams Realty.


Why Keller Williams? Why You?

The Keller Williams University education program is unequalled in real estate. Based on a survey of associates in Keller Williams, the program is the Number 1 reason people join the firm. We are a very learning-based company, providing education at several levels to meet various needs. We are especially known for our training in business concepts to help agents become as successful as they wish to be. We offer advanced courses for mega agents and opportunities to participate in master mind sessions. If you are learning-based and desire business training, our company is for you. Please see our Keller Williams University on the website which describes our courses in detail.

Keller Williams’ philosophy is that the real estate agents are the reason for the company’s success. The company is not the reason the agents are successful. Most people do business with real estate agents rather than the company. Therefore, at Keller Williams, we want the main focus to be on our associates. If you are involved in a power struggle over the contribution you make to your company’s success, consider us. We celebrate our associates’ success and empower them to be the central focus. If you are talented and wish to be recognized for that, we are a fit.

Equity opportunities are available in Keller Williams. Associates can participate in a portion of profits typically reserved for owners in most real estate offices. In a Keller Williams Realty market center, profits are shared monthly when a market center is profitable. Agents are eligible for profit sharing by contributing to the profitability through gross commission income, and/or by helping to attract other agents to the company who also contribute to profitability. Even the administrative staff is eligible for profit sharing if they have helped to grow the company. Our business structure is designed along the same or similar format of several highly successful corporations. If you are a new generation of real estate agents who thinks at a higher level, we may be a fit.

Ownership is available in some geographic areas. With projected market centers totaling 66 in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, there are still key areas available for ownership. With training, operation manuals and regional support, owning a Keller Williams market center is a unique opportunity for those who want to diversify their business and enhance their opportunity for enjoying passive income. Rather than building something without assistance, consider Keller Williams with its roadmap to launching a successful market center. If you are a person of influence in your market and have dealt with other agents with integrity and respect, this may be the right opportunity for both of us.

Keller Williams’ profit share system may provide a retirement income. Typically, once real estate agents complete their last transaction, their income ceases. In Keller Williams, when associates have helped to grow the company by attracting other quality, productive agents, they become fully vested after three years and are eligible for this passive income for life. Even if they leave Keller Williams and go to another company, they still receive the income as long as profits are being earned. The profit sharing has the potential to grow through the years and provide a retirement income. It is also inheritable. If you are interested in establishing an “exit strategy”, let’s talk.

Unique to Keller Williams is the “risk free 100% commission” plan. With the 70/30% commission structure, associates can stop the annual payments to Keller Williams, once they pay the annual cap. They then receive 100% of their commissions. If they do not meet the annual cap at the 70/30 % split, they do not owe the company any money. It is risk-free. Higher splits of 80/20%, 90/10% or 95/5% are available with a cap guarantee. It is possible to be more than a 100% agent with Keller Williams. If you paid a sizable amount of “company dollar” to your current company, you may want to calculate the difference. It could be astounding. If you are not eligible to be more than a 100% agent at your company, you will want to talk with us.

Associates have “input” into the policies of the company. A truly active program for allowing agents to express themselves and participate in the policies of the company is available in every Keller Williams market center. The top 20% of the associates in the market center comprises the Associate Leadership Council. They meet at least monthly and make major decisions in conjunction with the Team Leader (Broker) and the Business Operating Partner. The meetings are open to all associates.

Through the “open book” policy at Keller Williams, associates are encouraged to view the profit and loss statement monthly in the market center. Believing that people make better business decisions when they are treated like business people, there are no financial secrets in a market center. Through the Agent Leadership Council, agents have a voice in the expenditures of the office. If you enjoy being informed, you will like the “open book” format.

Systems are available to associates from our www.kw.com website. There are numerous financial programs and forms which can be downloaded from the website, ready to be utilized in your real estate business. If you have struggled to accumulate and create systems, you will find this invaluable.

For the right people whether they want to develop a franchise, lead an office, become a mega agent or assist at administrative capacity, Keller Williams Realty offers opportunities to build a business, develop a career, and possibly enjoy an income long after work is over. For more information please contact the Southeast Region at kwrg19@kw.com.