Our Culture

Keller Williams Realty is an innovative and exciting real estate company offering unique opportunities, which are typically unavailable to real estate agents:

  • Our philosophy is that the agent’s image should be first – the company’s second. Most people do business with people, not companies.
  • Our agents have input into the decisions of the company relating to policies and expenditures through an Agent Leadership Council, comprised of the Top 20% of the agents in the market center (office).
  • Our Belief system is expressed in an acronym, WI4C2TS. Translated it means:

Win-win or its no deal
Integrity – Just do the right thing
Commitment in all things
Communication – Seek first to understand
Creativity – Ideas before results
Customers always come first
Teamwork – Together everyone achieves more
Trust begins with honesty
Success – Results through people

This expresses the culture we want to uphold in our company. If this sounds like an environment you would like to become part of, contact us at kwrg19@kw.com or any of our Keller Williams market centers featured on our website.

  • Our books are open where the market centers’ profit and loss statements are available to all the agents.
  • Our 100%, no risk commission structure is appealing to agents who want to keep more of their commission without being obligated for a monthly fee.
  • Our Keller Williams University offers high level courses based on business concepts which provide systems and a blueprint for building agents’ business to 7 levels. The curriculum includes courses on life-balancing and principles of leadership as well as developing specific skills related to real estate.
  • Our Internet Consortium, which is totally agent driven, features numerous Keller Williams Realty sponsored websites, as well as funds for research to keep real estate agents in the center of business on the Internet.
  • Our profit sharing demonstrates our beliefs that profits should be shared with the agents who contribute to profitability and who helped grow the company. Agents have created the profit and growth and deserve to be rewarded. We also share profits with our staff when they help to grow the company.
  • Keller Williams Realty encourages a team environment centered around sharing.
  • Our referral network, which is built on agent to agent referrals, has no corporate interference that provides opportunities to increase business for each and every agent.