April 2024 Newsletter


The Kay Evans Scholarship Fund is a not for profit organization with a mission:

“ To Foster Real Estate Careers Worth Having, By Removing Financial Barriers To Education For Deserving Candidates.”

Applications may be submitted by Team Leaders or Operating Partners to the Region. The Kay Evans Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3. Ask your Team Leader for more information!



Market Center Happenings

Nashville – Murfreesboro Market Center: The Murfreesboro MC celebrated St. Patrick’s Day together!

Atlanta – East Cobb Market Center: 2023 Solar eclipse watch party at the East Cobb MC! 

Nashville – Murfreesboro Market Center: Nashville- Murfreesboro hosted a successful First Step to BOLD! Many Market Centers joined the Murfreesboro Market Center in this opportunity to expand their growth and mindset!

Atlanta – North Forsyth Market Center: Community Partners held an agent happy hour at Crooked Culture Brewery in the Cumming City Center!

Southeast Region Sponsors

Dawn’s Coffee Talk

Happy Spring Southeast Region! 🌼🌼

We made it through the winter season and now we are in GROWTH mode! Do you know why the saying is “April Showers brings May Flowers”? It is because when you water/fertilize what you have already planted, the flowers will bloom. Many of you have spent the 1st Quarter of this year preparing your “flower beds” so that once the 2nd Quarter got here, and our “busy” season in real estate started, you were READY! The question to ask ourselves is “Am I watering my flower beds so that I have the flowers tomorrow?”. Meaning, are you nurturing your database by making those calls, sending notecards, inviting to client events, and LOVING on your people that already know that you are a realtor and THEIR realtor of choice? According to the math in MREA, I believe all of us have a database that would easily give us our desired income this year. Data shows that agents who have at least 201 contacts in their database (and water them) on average make $120,000 per year. Also in keeping with the theme of our past coffee talks together, we know that LEADERS HAVE GROWTH PLANS! It is the stepping stone that leads them to success. What is your plan for business this quarter? What will you do daily and consistently to achieve the results you desire? Right now is the time to get out those watering cans, fill them with some good Miracle Gro, and get to watering! Get into Command, click on those contacts, and add some VALUE to your database. They love you! They want to do business with you. Help them! And when you are done, take time to smell the roses. Visit a local botanical garden, plant some herbs at your home, buy some fresh flowers to put next to the kitchen sink (it makes washing dishes better!). Work hard yet also take time to enjoy the beauty around you. God’s masterpiece is peaceful. Go for a walk….enjoy it!

In closing, you guys inspire me daily and encourage me to keep doing the things that I need to do to blossom into the best version of who I am! I am surrounded daily by a beautiful bouquet of people that when by ourselves….we are beautiful. Yet when you put us all in a bouquet….we are stunning! Thank you each for being a flower in my bouquet and I can’t wait to see what blossoms this May! Make sure you come up to me at Mega Agent Day on May 1st and share YOUR favorite flower with me. I happen to love Tulips yet Meg Ryan persuaded me to love daisies too!

Here’s a a line from a favorite movie of mine (and one of my favorite scenes) about this: Watch Here!

Keep growing!


Southeast Region Rankings

From March KWRI Reports:  In an effort to recognize individual teams and groups we are using KWRI reports which reflect GCI.

Navigate the arrows on the sides or the buttons at the bottom to see our Top Ranking Agents, Leaders, and Market Centers!


As ever, new features are being rolled out into Command from both the agent side, and the Consumer side almost every week, but rarely do we see a feature that works for both. In the latest update to websites, a new “Comparison” tool has been added to our agent sites. The comparison tool allows consumers to choose a series of properties from their favorites and compare their features similar to how many CMA tools work.

While this is a valuable tool for consumers to compare properties side by side, it can also be used as an agent lead generation tool to encourage consumers in your database to sign up. You could easily create a kind of collection of properties to present to certain segments of your Command Database. Or maybe a list of homes you plan on showing a buyer over the weekend. In the process, they will sign up for your consumer experience (which carries over into the Mobile Search App) and in the future, you will be tracking their searches and saves.

Give it a shot. See how it works. Sign up on my site Test Comparison. After you “sign up”, you’ll have access to my demo comparison as well as have a login to my agent site (you might want to use a fake or old email just in case).

To make use of the tool itself, go to your KW Agent site, make sure you are logged in (as a consumer), then find the property you want to start with. Scroll down till you see “compare property” then add a few more to the list from your “favorites”. Once you create the list you want, share the link! If they aren’t already on your website, they’ll be prompted to login or sign up.

How will you make use of this tool today? Let me know!

– Patrick Mauldin

The Kay Evans Scholarship for High School Seniors

Did you know that the Kay Evans Scholarship Fund awards high school senior scholarships? This will be the eighth year of the program and 30 scholarships have been awarded for a total of $28,500.

The scholarships are awarded to high school seniors accepted to an advanced education program (college, university, technical school or trade school) for the upcoming fall. The applicant must be a child or grandchild of a KW Southeast Region associate or staff member.  Applications normally open in mid to late April and last year consisted of an application and a video submission. The video addressed a topic determined by the scholarship committee. 
$1,000 scholarships are awarded to 3 students, one from each of SE Region’s states, though the committee reserves the right to amend the number and amount of scholarships awarded each year based on the quality of applications. Market Center leadership will be sent the application and the submission process once the details of the 2024 program are determined. 
The KESF is proud to support the education of both our associates and their children and grandchildren!

Upcoming Events

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