February 2024 Newsletter


The Kay Evans Scholarship Fund is a not for profit organization with a mission:

“ To Foster Real Estate Careers Worth Having, By Removing Financial Barriers To Education For Deserving Candidates.”

Applications may be submitted by Team Leaders or Operating Partners to the Region. The Kay Evans Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3. Ask your Team Leader for more information!



Market Center Happenings

Atlanta – Roswell Market Center: The Roswell MC spent the day not only diving deep into the welfare of agents’ business but also advocating for agents’ mental health.  Agents got to hear the unique experiences of other professionals from their MC and the strategies they have put into place to combat anxiety and depression.  KWRC is striving to better agents’ businesses and selves in 2024! They ended the day making over 75 care packages for the local homeless in the area and donating many to the First Responders of Roswell. 

Knoxville-West Market Center: Participated in the 1st Annual Pigeon Forge Polar Bear Plunge to benefit TN Special Olympics. Notably, MC Broker, Matt, embraced the role of the Kool-Aid Man, while other agents dressed as ice cubes. The KW Smoky Mountains was the #1 fundraising team for this event! How awesome?!

A special shoutout to their ALC Community outreach agent, Krisiti Street, who organized the team and helped reach the donation goal. Team members include Kristi Street, Lucy Hood, Randi Smith, Adam Lane, Christopher Andrews, and Matt Berger.

Nashville – Murfreesboro Market Center: Partnered up with the Red Cross for a successful Blood Drive. According to the Red Cross, there were enough donations to save 135 lives!

Q4 Regional Leadership Meeting: We welcomed our new leadership, celebrated the ones who have been with us for 10+ years, recognized a few of our outstanding MCAs, took notes from 7 of our amazing PCs, and heard from our guest speaker, Sarah Reynolds, with the EmpowerHome Team!

Atlanta – Roswell Market Center: The Roswell MC celebrated their 20th Anniversary on February 7th combined with their agent’s Award Ceremony! Congratulations on 20 years, Roswell!

Atlanta – North Forsyth Market Center:  Hosted a grand opening at their new business center in Dawsonville. So exciting!

Southeast Region Sponsors

Dawn’s Coffee Talk

For the LOVE of REAL ESTATE, Southeast Region it is 5AM somewhere so grab your coffee!

February is a busy month filled with candy hearts, love notes to our family and friends, vacations being planned, business trips taken (AKA FAMILY REUNION!), Awards Banquets and all sorts of personal and business obligations.  Each year we are reminded of how short the month is compared to our “TO DO” list.  This year we are getting a gift of kindness….It is a LEAP Year. God knew that sometimes, we really just need that extra 24 hours to get things done!  What do you intend to do with that EXTRA day?  May I make a suggestion, use it as a day to practice EXTRA kindness.  Something that I have discovered over the years as I have studied and watched successful leaders is that Leaders show KINDNESS.

Last month I introduced you to Leaders have GRIT.  Well, while they are grinding they don’t forget to show kindness with it.  Just think about it, do you like being around unkind people? Of course not!  Why is being kind easy for some and difficult for others?  I believe when we lead life by the Golden Rule:  Treat others as you would like to be treated, it changes how we respond and behave to life in general.  Let’s be real, some people are difficult to love and showing kindness to them really tests our “heart muscles”.  It’s like our mommas always told us, “don’t ask why, just do it!” “Or maybe your Coach’s words “Practice makes Perfect ”.  Or that BOLD Law:  You teach people how to treat you. Sometimes we have to just do it even when we don’t feel like it….or….even when the other person doesn’t deserve it.

If you want to get better at showing kindness and program your brain to always respond with kindness it will take HARD WORK.  We know that hard work also gives us ‘brain benefits’. If you want to grow the AMCC (Anterior Mid Cingulate Cortex) part of your brain, studies show us that we need to do HARD things!  While cold exposure and cold plunges are becoming popular ways to grow the AMCC, I think practicing kindness every day is HARD and can do the same thing. I mean….have you driven in this Atlanta Traffic??  Geez!  Let’s navigate our month with goals of showing kindness to others, studying how to make our brains stronger, and don’t forget to give at least 7 hugs a day, or as Mo says “You just get weird”.  To help you navigate this challenge, on your next walk or run (or while sitting in that traffic) listen to this episode of Huberman.

Huberman Podcast on Willpower and Tenacity

Or if you need something to help you go back to sleep when you wake up at 2 am, read this article…..

How the AMCC helps us achieve our goals

Meanwhile, I will be over here in the Regional office drinking my coffee, eating my candy hearts, writing notecards to many of you, and loading up on my Kleenex for the Inspirational Breakfast at Family Reunion.  I look forward to getting more than my 7 hugs a day from you guys when I see you in Vegas.  


Signing off in a “Holly Love” fashion:

All the coffee in the world, 


Southeast Region Rankings

From January KWRI Reports:  In an effort to recognize individual teams and groups we are using KWRI reports which reflect GCI.

Navigate the arrows on the sides or the buttons at the bottom to see our Top Ranking Agents, Leaders, and Market Centers!


Automate Lead Capture and Followup with the new KW Websites

You may or may not have seen, but KW just recently rolled out an upgrade to our consumer websites. To opt-in to this new system, if you’ve not already done so, is an easy process. Just open Command, go to the consumer logo at the bottom right on your list of applets (looks like a set of website windows), then follow the steps. Once you’re set up and good to go, the fun really begins!

In our new agent consumer site experience, we’ve been given some amazing customization tools to truly use it as you need to, even in many edge cases. Some of these customizations are aesthetic, but some are functional (and if you need help setting up and getting it looking right, your Market Center Tech Trainers are here to help). One of these functions involves the addition of varied “lead sources” available on the new sites.

You might be asking yourself… Why should I care?

Ever wanted to create a welcome email for website registrations? We can do that. How about an instant follow-up from open houses? Easy peezy. Special follow-up for those requesting the value on their home? Got you covered.

These new lead sources are:

KW App/Site : Source given to those who register on your site.

Open House (Site) : Source given to those who register with an instant open house landing page.

Home Valuation (site) : Source given to those who request a home valuation through the module.

Contacts Form (site) : Source given to those who send a message through the “contact me” form module.

So how do I trigger a Smart Plan for that source?

Step 1: Find a Smart Plan that matches your lead source/type. These can be found in the Smart Plan library. Pro tip: Edit every Smart Plan before using it! Sometimes great plans in the library include non-compliant branding because the creator doesn’t work in your market center/brokerage. You will want to fix this before making use.

Step 2: Create rules for that source under lead management. (here’s an article on how)

Step 3: Promote that page or source by doing open houses, running ads, etc.

Step 4: Test your route. Do the thing, take the action that you intend to trigger it with.


When the leads come in from the source, and they match the rules created inside lead management, the Smart Plan will trigger! At the very least, I believe all agents should have a welcome message on their website. This goes a long way to create a positive experience and sustainable follow-up as you grow your database.


– Patrick Mauldin

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